Our Patient Success Stories

No pain is too tough to treat – Learn how these patients got their lives back!


“Without being long winded, Dr. Hanna and Diana are angels sent by God! I have had 3 spinal surgeries (no surgeon and I saw 12 consultants would touch me, told me I would remain in a wheelchair the rest of my life- since 1992) In 2008, because of the skilled surgeons, I got out of the wheelchair! Since 2013 (after a surgical revision) Dr. Hanna and Diana have kept me out of the wheelchair. Having severe neuropathy, Dr. hanna, Dianna a a few students gave me SI joint, branch blocks, RFAs, Facet joint injections, trigger point injections and others.The past 8 months, Dr. Hanna and Diana have been the only ones giving me shots and procedures. The relief from pain is amazing. In December, I am having a spinal cord stimulator trial and I am very excited. Donna has been the hard working person responsible for coordinating and getting me the authorizations needed. I cannot thank Dr. Hanna, Diana, Donna, Loretta and all of the staff, enough. There are truly no words for my gratitude. The angles, the staff and Dr. Hanna, Thank you ” – Anna Couture 11/13/2015

“Since having my spinal cord stimulator, I went form having “all” bad days, being consumed by pain to feeling like a real human being again with a smile, and a new life. I will never give up” – Cynthia Bowden, 2014

“I have been diagnosed with neuropathy and chronic pain for 15 years. I have seen and been under the care of too many physicians to count while having little to no results for the moment to moment pain i suffered. When my PCM referred me to Dr. Hanna, I had little hope he would suggest anything but the drug therapy I had already needed to over the years. Instead, he thoroughly examined every aspect of my pain and came up with an actual plan to conquer it. One part of his plan was RFA on both the left and right side of my neck. The procedure sounded dreadfully scary to me but Dr, Hanna gentle compassion gave me the ability to trust and HOPE. I am thrilled to announce my hope was well-founded. I have much more range in the neck and the pain has lessened considerably! There is not a visit that goes by when I do not insist on hugging Dr. Hanna. His thorough care for me never ends as he constantly checks and double checks any changes in my physical body. I am oh-so thankful to have finally found a physician, a pain physician who cares about my whole being. I have yet to leave his office without feeling relief. ” – Patricia L. Parks 3/17/2015


Kenneth Snyder injured his back in 1998 and was in severe pain. After years of powerful pain medication, he needed an alternative treatment. Dr. Hanna Suggested an innovative procedure – A spinal cord stimulator. After having the device implanted, Kenneth is no longer in pain and has his life back!