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No pain is too tough to treat – See how these patients got their lives back!

View any of our patient stories below to learn about pain conditions and treatments. Chronic pain effects one in every five people but there is good news. You don’t have to live in chronic pain any longer. Dr. Asraf Hanna can help you get your life back and live pain free. The greatest testament to our comprehensive approach to pain management is brought to you by our patients. These are their patient stories.

Kenneth Snyder injured his back in 1998 and was in severe pain. After years of powerful pain medication, he needed an alternative treatment. Dr. Hanna Suggested an innovative procedure – A spinal cord stimulator. After having the device implanted, Kenneth is no longer in pain and has his life back!
Miguel Hall had two fusions in his neck and lower back. He had constant, crippling pain and needed a walker and cane. After meeting with Dr. Hanna, a spinal cord stimulator was implanted and Miguel’s pain was reduced dramatically and he could enjoy life again.